Sunday, January 22, 2012

early birds

My kids are early risers. I don't know why because I am not. The husband does wake up early but not as early as his kids who wake up at four in the morning. Yes, four AM. It still can be considered dawn right? I mean, that is two hours before daylight. But the little girl has been making a habit of waking up early and waking everybody up along the way. The little man wakes up after all the noise she makes and then I have to wake up too to keep an eye on them. I make sure the door to our room is closed so the husband can sleep some more. This has been going on for weeks and I don't see any change in the pattern yet which means this very well could go on a few more. So what do we do while we are up? The kids watch cartoons (yes, there are cartoons that early) while I get online. One morning I can be updating my blogs and the next I can be looking at a floral arrangement online or I can be window shopping. You get the picture. I cannot and refuse to do chores that early, I would rather get in the couch with my laptop while my kids torture me with cartoons that we have watched over and over. I prefer to be back in bed but I don't trust the little man to be up alone without getting into trouble. I sure hope this is just another phase and that it will not become routine. They can do this again when they are of school age though, it will be nice not to have to forcefully wake up a child to go to school.

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