Tuesday, December 27, 2011

toys and more toys

My kids got tons of presents from friends and relatives this year. The little man received several boxes from his sister with all kinds of toys in them, including a complete set of miniature carpentry tools that he is so tickled about. He also got clothes, toys, and more toys. He loves his aunt's Lego present although I am having second thoughts about it especially when I saw the very minute parts. I sure hope it will not tear up the vacuum cleaner. The little girl got plenty (maybe more than her brother's) of toys that are mostly educational which makes me happy since I have been thinking about buying her some of the stuff that was given to her. Good thing I didn't. Unfortunately, the husband and I did not get anything. We did not even get presents for each other. He said we are getting stingy which is true but we do have think of ways to save money, not spend it considering how bad the economy is. But, we would have accepted gardening gifts if anybody just asked what we wanted. I mean, I do plan to have a garden next year so it should help. Nobody asked though and maybe it was a good thing too because then we would have felt guilty if we got something from any of the relatives without us giving anything in return. So, I guess it was okay we did not get presents. What matters is that the kids did and they are happy with what was given to them. Our kids' happiness is what counts.

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