Monday, November 21, 2011

trying to get things done

The little man refuses to go to bed. He is behind me watching Wonder Pets on Netflix while I am trying to finish my online tasks. I won't be surprised if he asks for something to eat when I get ready to turn off the lights. He is like that, his timing is really off which I think is done on purpose. He was online earlier and did not want to quit his game but I made him do it which made him unhappy. When he settled down he said he wanted to watch cartoons and that is what he had been doing since. I need to finish what I am doing and wrap things up so we can go to bed already. All I need to do is get an rv insurance quote then I should be finished here. That is, if I will get everything I need online. I guess I better fix him a snack before we go to bed so he will sleep good.

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