Thursday, November 10, 2011

time for presents

The little man has reminded us that it is almost Christmas and so it is time for presents. Hah! Who would have thought he will remember, lol. He has expressed his desire to have a box of Lego's among other things he told his father he wants. I don't know if he will get all but I know I will be buying him Lego's soon. Maybe even before Christmas, if he is good. This year though we will have two kids to buy presents which means there will be more boxes under the tree. I just got my advanced Christmas present a couple weeks ago so I guess I will not get anything that day. I can either choose from a variety of unique christmas gifts for husband but then I might not give him anything either. Our gift-giving is mostly for the kids (and me) because he claims he does not need anything material. Of course it does not mean he will not be happy if I get him a present but I am just too lazy to even think about something he will have a use for. I will try to look though. Maybe I will find something for him this year.

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