Tuesday, November 22, 2011

stomach bug

The little man is sick. He contacted a stomach bug from his father who started getting sick Monday morning. It is awful to see him throw up and be miserable but I cannot do anything about it but tell him it will eventually go away. I have been busy doing laundry even this late because I don't want to run out of towels and covers. We do use them since he cannot run to the bathroom to throw up. I have changed his bed sheet once because he threw up on it earlier this evening. I have a sick person who is trying to help me care for another sick person. Our goal is to keep the little man hydrated which is not a very easy thing to do considering he hates to drink pedialyte. In fact, I caught him trying to hide a bottle of pedialyte in the corner of his bed because he said he will not need it, he had a bottled water in his hand. This is not the first time this happened. We have had experience with stomach bugs since the little man was about two years old. No matter how we try to keep our kids healthy, they still get sick either because of another person or from us. Bacteria and viruses are a tricky lot to keep away from. It is an awful feeling, being helpless. I hope and pray he will get better soon and that his little sister will be spared from this bug.

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