Monday, November 7, 2011

school age

The little man wrote this for me a few months ago. When he is not "busy" he presents stuff like this for me to keep (and post online). Sometimes he gives me drawings complete with explanations. But if I have my way, I want him to write his name because he needs to practice some more in preparation for school next year. Yes, he will be of school age and to be honest, I am not really looking forward to it. I am so afraid of what he will be like as a student since he is not very cooperative at home. I mean, he will write his name or draw something if asked to do it but if he has his way he would rather do things he likes without anybody telling him to. He is so good when it comes to answering his activity books like completing sentences or counting basic numbers and I am proud of him. What he needs is to learn to listen to oral instruction and I think a school setting will be good for him provided his teacher will be patient enough to deal with him. I am praying for a good teacher for him. Of course, we still have not discounted homeschooling but somebody else will have to teach him since we do not do well together. I don't have a lot of patience and he is not good at following orders. Or it could be because he is with me all the time that is why he knows which button to push to make me annoyed. I know this though, he is a smart child and not just because he is mine. We have relatives who have kids his age who do not know what he knows and they are amazed at what he can do. I hope he will continue to want to learn because we will try our best to feed his interest as long as we can.

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