Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the right words

The little man was online when I heard him call for me. He was very insistent so I had to drop what I was doing to check on him. He said "Mom, look at this website! " and when I did it was a site for new games he had found. He was very happy with his new find because it means new games to play with. I did have to make sure it is not a bad site because I don't want him to play games with violence in them. After I checked and made sure everything was good I then let him play with a game he chose, making sure he did not overstay online.

The husband does not like it when I use words like this or that instead of real nouns because it confuses him. It seems like the little man has picked up on that bad habit. I correct him and I do try to talk using nouns and verbs instead of using this or that or pointing using my mouth or my fingers. Or worse, using my eyes. Lol. It is funny when I think about it but the husband gets frustrated because even after years of being married to a Filipina, he still is not used to my "odd" ways.

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