Wednesday, November 30, 2011

handy little things

When the husband bought us tablets, we were overjoyed. We knew then that we will find a use for them soon enough. And we were right. The little man loves his tablet and uses it to play games or surf the internet. I use mine when I am in bed and I am too lazy to get up and get my laptop. The tablet is the better choice when I am in bed anyway because it is light and does not require me to get up at all. It does give me problem when I have to type in a website url or words to search because the keyboard which is in the screen is too small. I know that a Tablet with Keyboard is not available with the model that the husband bought but I still wonder if it is possible to get one. But I must admit it will make the tablet I have less handy because it will require space for the keyboard, although with my creativity in things including the use of electronics, I might just find a way. Anyway, I still use the tablet and it is sitting in my bedside table where I can just grab it anytime I want to.

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