Sunday, November 6, 2011

emergency situation

We were in our car at a store parking lot when a woman stood near us and talked on her phone really loud. She was in a panic that I wondered what was going on. I heard part of her conversation and I found out that a guy was drunk driving, parked haphazardly between lanes and was trying to walk away from his truck. Apparently she was calling 911. The ambulance got there and tried to subdue the guy who was already down and could not get up but was trying to fight. It was scary yet I was fascinated watching the whole episode. I thought, it was a good thing the paramedics were big guys or it would have been hard to do their job. I now think Paramedic Jobs are for brave people. Because if they aren't then it will be a mess when they have to help on an emergency. They have to think and act fast in order to save lives and there are times when a person does not want help so there is bound to be opposition. I have had an experience with paramedics once when the little man had a seizure and I called 911 and they were really nice and thorough. I did have to pay them for their service but it was worth every penny.

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