Sunday, October 9, 2011

ways to learn

The little man likes puzzles. He talks while he does a puzzle trying to figure out which part goes where. He is pretty good at it too. The times he could not find the right piece is crazy because he gets frustrated and yells but when he does, he jumps and shouts like he won the lottery, lol. We try to give him things to make him want to learn and he has not disappointed us yet. We buy puzzles, toys that has to be put together, activity books, anything that we know will make him enthusiastic about learning. I got curious when I read about highlights coupons because I have read that Highlights offer activity magazines for children within the little man's age range. But I also found out that we might need to subscribe. We don't really have the extra money for that right now so we can't but I will bookmark the page where I found the information for future reference. Who knows we might just be able to afford it then the little man will have something else to do to occupy his time. I will continue to find new things for him to do, at a little cost. I know the husband is always on the look out too. Like I said, we want our little man to learn more and enjoy any activity while doing it.

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