Friday, October 28, 2011

music or noise?

When the little man plays his online games, he wants to turn the volume up. He enjoys listening to the background music while he plays and even hums while playing a game. I think it is silly but the husband said to let the child be and so I do. I do tell him to lower it down which he does. He uses a computer speaker that his father plugged in to an old desktop computer that is his to use for now. I can just imagine this one as a teenager with loud music playing from his room. My brother was like that, he used to torture me with loud sound from an old stereo system we had. I was lucky at the time because home theaters were unheard of as well as home theatre system speakers. I don't think I will be lucky this time around, lol. But then maybe he won't be like his uncle. And we can always compromise. It was harder to compromise with my brother because we were only two years apart and were trying to outdo the other on ruling the household. Not that our parents allowed that to happen anyway :) This time I have more authority. Or half of it anyway so it should be a lot easier than dealing with a sibling. I hope.

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