Sunday, October 16, 2011

i don't like xp!

The little man is into electronics. You can say it is our fault for introducing it to him at such an early age. He is barely five years old but he knows how to use a computer like a pro. He has been using the computer since he was two years old to watch videos and learn from Starfall and has not stopped since. As young as he is, he has crashed only one laptop and only because that one was old and had been acting up which was why we let him use it. We are not afraid to let him use our computers because we have taught him to be careful when opening sites and links. The only problem comes when we tell him to stop using either computer because he starts whining about it. If he has his way, he will play games and stay online all day. Anyway, we let him use our old desktop that has a windows xp os after using a newer windows 7 laptop and he has been complaining about it. He said he wants the laptop because the desktop is so slow and it stalls. He even told us he does not like xp at all. Lol. We told him we have to be careful of not crashing the laptops because we cannot afford to buy a new. We may be able to find the best laptop computers at the source or at any other electronic stores but money is hard to come by. Thankfully he did not say daddy has money this time. He may have to keep on using the desktop until he gets used to it or it crashes again, whichever will happen first. He does have a touchpad for a back up so he is fine.

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