Sunday, October 16, 2011

he misses the beach

The little man has told us several times that he wants to go to the beach. He said he misses it. We don't know if he is saying this because he really misses the beach or if he has watched cartoons that talked about it. Whatever the case, his father said he will bring us to the beach for a vacation. When that is going to happen we do not have any idea. He could just be saying it to make everybody happy then not follow through, lol. It does seem to pacify the little man for a few days and then he reminds us about it again just as soon as he remembers. We do miss the beach. We used to do very early morning walks when it is basically deserted and spent hours in the beach walking and looking for shark tooth and shells. Those were fun days and left us with fond memories to be visited when the longing to be on the beach gets bad. We do hope we can visit the beach again in the future.

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