Wednesday, October 12, 2011

food they like

The little man eats what his father eats. He prefers American food than Filipino food. He refuses to eat rice and anything else as long as I say I like it. He will try any food his father will give him then decides which ones he would like to eat again. He was not always like this. There was a time when he was just a year old that he ate rice noodles that I cooked, licked the adobo sauce off his spoon, and loved steamed rice. Not anymore. But as long as he eats regular food I am fine with it. Maybe when he gets older he will try my kind of food again. Him and his father like saltine crackers, that is their snack before they go to bed at night paired with cheese or sometimes peanut butter. They also both like popcorn, chocolate brownies, and Pringles for snacks. Although now that we are on a diet only the little man gets to eat sweets but just enough because I don't want him to overeat sweets. I told the husband that I will train the little girl to like my food so it will be even. She might like it but if she won't I am still fine with it as long as my kids are healthy.

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