Thursday, September 15, 2011

shopping for clothes

The kids are growing up quick. The almost-five-year-old wears clothes for six year olds and the little girl wears clothes fit for twelve months old when she is not even eight months yet. I like it though and the fact that I have to buy them clothes every few months. I love shopping and I do love shopping for my kids. There are plenty of kids' clothes to choose and when I get them on clearance, are so affordable. It makes it easier for me to shop for them when there are so many choices unlike when I am the one who needs new clothes that I have to scour several stores just to find maternity dresses and jeans during my pregnancy. Even now, I still have a hard time finding a store that carries my size. I am glad that my kids do not have to go through that. If they keep on growing, they might just be able to shop at a regular store like any average person here in the US. I think it is enough that one family member has to shop around just to find a shirt with the perfect fit.

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