Thursday, September 1, 2011

new toy

The husband bought HP touchpad tablets when stores slashed down prices of said electronic last week. He bought three 32 GB touchpads just because they were so cheap and he knows that we can use them as long as our wi-fi is working. We did not have any intention of giving one to the little man but he was so excited to see the electronic he was so attentive while his father set-up the tablets to work. The latter then decided to let his son use one of the tablets. He gets to play in it through free games he downloaded from the apps page. He still only gets online an hour to two hours a day (much to his disappointment) but he knows his limits. He does get to use it while we are in the car to keep him busy. He is a happy little man, not to mention lucky that he gets to have his own electronic at such a young age. Why, I was already in my late teens when I got to use a computer, lol. We hope he will continue to learn as he uses his new toy.

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