Thursday, September 29, 2011

little demands

He wants another marble run, the little man said. He just had a vortex marble run that his father bought him last week. He also said he needs Legos and something else that I forgot. Our little terror is starting to get demanding. And when I tell him I don't have the money to buy his requests he always tells me his daddy has money and that he can buy the toys for him. Honestly, I think the little man just wants to know how much he can ask from us. More like a test because he does not fuss when told no. I bet he will even order a barcode scanner online if it will get a reaction from us. He is like that. He is smart, see? He knows that there are things he can do to push buttons then he proceeds from the way we react to anything he throws at us. When I tell him we will have to wait for a special occasion before we can buy him toys, he says okay then moves on. He does remind me from time to time that it is his birthday so I will buy him a toy he wants, lol. He is persistent in a cute kind of way. I just hope that he will not end up spoiled. We love our son and we want to give him things but to a certain degree. We will have to start teaching him early so he will know how to be responsible.

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