Tuesday, September 13, 2011

early birds

The kids have a bad habit of waking up very early in the mornings. I am talking four or five o'clock here. It always starts with the little girl who wakes her brother up and so we have two kids watching cartoons (thank goodness PBS has early morning children's show) while I struggle to be awake. If I could not keep myself up I let them watch while I go back to bed, making sure that the bedroom door is open so I can hear what is going on. I am pretty good at it you know, listening to my kids while sleeping. You could say it is a talent, lol. They are good when they just wake up so I am not too worried about the little man doing anything other than sitting in the couch while his sister is in her swing. They then wake me up again when they are ready for breakfast or when the cartoons stop to be replaced by some work-out video and sometimes an Asian woman humming a tune while sitting on a yoga mat that are both clearly taped a long time ago. Apparently, they both don't like either and instead of the little man reaching for the remote he yells for me to change channels because clearly it is not enough that I have to wake up several times at night to check on both of them, I have to wake up early and stay with them too. I am just lucky that I do not get eyebags because the way I have not been sleeping good in the last 5 years my eyes would have looked awful by now. Anyway, it is part of being a mom so I have to bear it. I do love my kids and whatever makes them happy makes me happy too.

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