Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The little man posted a shoutout on my Facebook wall about an hour ago. He posted something about wanting to get on his favorite online game. He has been asking me for the computer but it is too early. I would rather he read a book or answer his activity book, or play with his toys instead of getting online. So the little terror got online on my account and shared his feelings, lol. He is funny even if I must admit he aggravates me by the things he does sometimes. But then he is a boy and boys I was told has certain notoriety when it comes to being active and creative. So there. On another note, I have been addicted to online shopping. Or that is how it seems anyway. I get a box about every week from somewhere and I love it. The husband and the little man get excited when a box is left outside our door and try to open it before I can. We must really be bored if a box we know what was inside make us excited, lol. I browse websites on a daily basis, hoping to find deals and coupons. When I find them then I go ahead and order if I think one of the family needs it. Which reminds me, there are shari's berries coupon codes available online but I don't know if anybody here would want chocolate dipped strawberries and stuff. I will have to ask so it will not go to waste. As much as I like to order online, food is somewhat a different matter. They do go bad if not delivered on time. So we will see. I am so looking forward to us moving nearer the city so I can go to malls instead of ordering stuff online. Maybe this habit will break if we live near the city again.

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