Sunday, September 18, 2011

bad parent

According to the little man I am a bad parent. This was after I kicked one of the hundreds (okay, more than twenty, lol) of plastic alphabet blocks that was littering the carpet. I did not do it out of meanness mind you. I kicked the block so it will get near him so he can pick all up to put in the bag for the next day's playtime. See, I have this habit of being lazy which the husband despaired about but has come to accept because he does not really have a choice, lol. Instead of bending to pick up the block I decided to kick it instead. Apparently, the little man did not like it. I had to say sorry for that after which I made him pick up every block off the carpet. We cannot afford any accident because of toys littering the floor. I try to pick up after my kids but there are times the little man (since he is old enough to be asked to do something) is asked to do his share. After all, most of the stuff is his anyway. I have been training him to clean up after his own mess hoping that he will realize it is not fun making a mess when he has to clean it up afterwards. It works sometimes but then I don't expect a lot from a little boy who is always "busy" with something. At least he does what he is told, also, sometimes. I do have to set an example for my kid so none of that kicking and being lazy around him anymore. Or at least I will try not to anyway :)

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