Thursday, August 11, 2011

a prepaid card

For days now, we have promised the little man we will get him a prepaid card he can use on an online game he likes to play. He said he needs the money to advance on his game. He seems to be doing good since I have seen two badges since I signed him up. He also has accumulated points which he still has to use. The husband asked if I can use my Paypal which I did one time but I am not doing it again. I don't think it is very safe to use anything not prepaid on any game sites so we decided on getting one for the little man. The problem is we have not bought a card and we have been reminded constantly about it. If only it is as easy as typing then he will have his prepaid card. But I don't really know if I can purchase one online or if it will work on his games. I have to physically get the card and use it to purchase whatever he wants so he will advance on his game. Maybe tonight we will go out and get him a card. If not then he will just have to wait another day. He can always play on the free version.

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