Monday, August 15, 2011

his new friend

The little man has become attached to Mr. Z (featured a few posts down) that he never sleeps nor goes anywhere without it. I don't know when it started, could have been when he started ditching the blankies. It is fine with us because we know he will eventually outgrow it just like any other things he has become attached to. The problem arises when we are about twenty minutes from home and he realizes Mr. Z is missing. Oh, the crying and pitiful sobs that follows. It is crazy. He does get pacified because there is no way daddy will go back for a stuffed toy what with gas as high as it is. As long as he is promised Mr. Z is waiting for him home he settles down. Going to bed is another matter. He refuses to sleep without the stuffed animal. The other night I had to go outside and searched the vehicles for Mr. Z because he will not sleep without it. I even asked if Mr. M (a stuffed monkey) can substitute but I was told no. I wanted to scream at him but I know it will not do any good so I got out of the house, went to the cars to try to find a missing stuffed animal. Thankfully I found it or we would have spent the night miserable. He then proceeded to tell Mr. Z how happy he was it was found and that no, he will not sleep with anybody else but with Mr. Z. Sigh! Kids are crazy sometimes.

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