Friday, August 26, 2011

fast cars

The little man loves cars. Toy cars, that is. Like any normal boy he has quite a collection of anything that has wheels in them. There are a few that he plays with constantly though. Race cars mostly. I had him put the toy cars in a box so they will not be all over the place and I do not have to help look if he lose any of them. He plays with his cars then puts them back in the box afterwards. It is pretty neat how he knows car parts. He can tell you what tire rims are and the difference between wheels and the stirring wheel. He even makes up his own pit stops when he plays with the toys. When asked why, he told me the cars need to have tires either aired or replaced (if applicable) and be checked for anything that might cause them not to run fast. Either he learns these facts from watching television or from his father who is a car enthusiast (and former mechanic). I like it that he is showing interest on other things because it makes him want to learn about them. If I know my son, what he learns will stay in his mind to be used later on when the need arises. He is a smart boy and we are proud of him.

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