Thursday, August 18, 2011


The little man loves to watch cartoons. That is what he does when he is not playing with his toys or polishing his writing and reading skills. He only watches good cartoons so I let him do it. He also loves to sing. Just today he asked me when am I going to buy a magic sing (it is a microphone, with a chip inside containing songs, that can be plugged in to the tv so a person can sing along). He has heard me say I will buy magic sing he probably got tired of waiting for it. Hence the question earlier today. I told him soon. Mommy is just saving up the money to buy one and then she will buy the mic so we can sing anytime we want. It will be nice if we have a panasonic home theater system to go with the singing to make it more legitimate sounding but we cannot afford one so we will just have to use the mic with our television's sound. I know it will work. Now, if daddy will realize he has a potential singer in his house, he might go ahead and buy a home theater system but we are not holding our breath, lol.

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Sam D. said...

Who'll not gonna like the Magic Sing :-)? I really like to get one when I was there but money was tight that time so my big sis were the one who end up getting one. Have a blessed weekend!