Monday, August 29, 2011

a career

A friend told me she has started working at the hospital. She is a certified nursing assistant and she said that if she does not work so long her certificate will expire. So even if her daughter is only a year old she is back to working again. She said that it is a lot better working at the hospital than at the nursing home where she worked for years. Less patients to take care of and more time to do things. While we talked about her work, she told me that Registered Nurse Jobs pay more but she is not complaining as long as she has work. When I asked her if she has any plans of furthering her career by going back to school she told me she is too old. I guess she is happy with her career for right now. At least she has one. I, on the other hand, is full of plans but none I have worked on yet. I will probably get there one of these days.

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