Friday, July 8, 2011

online ads

The husband looked at trailers to buy. He was not picky may it be new or old as long as it is titled because he needs one bad. He had spent a good amount of time on Craigslists looking at ads and stuff. Still he was not happy with what he found and ended up not buying anything. All that time spent looking at ads and calling people and he did not buy one trailer. He said he decided to borrow one from his cousin. If I knew there was one to borrow I could have helped him make the decision before anything else was done. But it happened and I am glad he did not spend money on a trailer we might only have used once. When I walked in on him this morning, he was looking at mobile home for sale and when I looked at him with raised eyebrows he laughed and said he is not buying a mobile home, he was just looking. Thank goodness because I doubt we will be able to afford one :)

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