Wednesday, July 6, 2011

limited income

When a family is in a limited income, it is not very easy to budget the money for wants and needs. Of course needs has to come first and then if there is extra we spend a little on wants. It should not be a problem if we stick to that all the time but the lesser the amount that comes in, the more we want to spend it. It might sound crazy but we know this for a fact. Why, we are experiencing it right now. I have a long list of things I want to buy. The husband has his own list although his are more practical for the house or the cars or the family. Somebody suggested that if we really want it, we can go try to get cash advance which is fine and good when we get the money but what about after we spend it? We do have to pay the amount allowed to us. And since we do not want to worry some more about payments (we do have bills to pay) we stay home and try to forget about the things we want and stick to getting what we need. It is hard but we hope being on a limited income will not last long. We know somehow we will get out of this one of these days.

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