Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a very good time

The little man had a very good time the last two days. His favorite aunt with her daughters visited us and stayed the night which happens very rarely. The girls and the little man played together, aggravated each other (which actually aggravated me too, having to act as referee), ran around the house, made a mess, played some more, then quarreled. Lol. Just like any normal kids do. I was designated as the sitter since the SIL and the husband had to do some stuff together but I did not mind. Thankfully, the little girl is used to my and the little man's screaming that any more noise did not faze her one bit. The little man is and always has been rough and I had to remind him to be good because even if the girls are bigger than him, well, they are still girls. He was pretty good until about an hour before the girls left. I don't know what got into him because he did a pretty good (although it was bad that he did it) wrestling move and tackled the older girl to the ground. She ended up screaming claiming her face hurt. I was so grateful that it happened while the SIL and the husband were back because I do not know what I would have done if it happened in my watch. He did say sorry and after checking on her and making sure she's fine the older kid settled down. Kids! They do not care one bit to get hurt but when they did get hurt causes panic and a little drama. I did love having them. Babysitting two kids on top of two of my own is pretty crazy but I did fine if the husband and the SIL's praises were real, lol. I look forward to having them again and I hope it will be soon.

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