Monday, June 20, 2011

something for him to do

We need to think of something to occupy the little man's time during the day. He is starting to want to be on the computer all day if we let him. We don't allow him to be on the computer until 6pm and only for two hours max that he gets annoyed and does things to aggravate us (especially his father) hoping he will get what he wants. We do not reward bad behavior so he does not get the computer, sometimes not even the assigned two hours per day if he is acting really bad. Walks in the park is impossible right now as hot as it is so we stay home again getting bored with each others faces. If only we have the space to set up some kind of game he will probably appreciate it even if only for a few hours. We noticed he liked his cousins table tennis racket and tried to help them set up their table tennis equipment with the hopes of being able to play for a while. He didn't because something was missing so they had to find something else to play with. He does have toys here at home, he even has a basketball ring but he has played with it for over a year and he is tired of it. His activity books has been answered and colored, his writing pad full of scribblings and his crayons, well, all broken to pieces because of so much use. I am running out of ideas here. Hopefully, the trip the husband promised will happen so we will experience a change of scenery soon. Before that, I will have to find something to make the little man busy before I get bald with his antics.

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