Sunday, June 26, 2011

he likes corn

The little man always had a reaction to baby food that contained corn that I made him stop eating anything that had corn in it for a long time. When he got older I thought it was safe to introduce corn on the cob to him but he would not eat it. It is not because it is corn but because he started getting picky on food that he decides what he eats. And corn is not on that list, among a lot of other food as well. I don't force him to eat what he does not like, I leave him alone most of the time because he only balks at pressure and I hate arguments with him what with tantrums and all that. Anyway, the husband pressure cooked a few corn on the cob the other day and while he was doing it the little man kept on asking what his father was cooking. He was told it was corn and we thought that was that. Well, when the corn was ready he acted like he wanted some. He rarely asks for food (a problem that we are trying to correct) but he was looking at his father fixing to eat the corn on the cobs he had on his plate and he really looked like he wanted some so his father offered it to him and what do you know, he ate a whole corn on the cob with not a kernel left. To say his parents were amazed is an understatement, lol. He even asked for one more and ate that too. It was a great day indeed! We cheered him on and told him how he was doing great and he was happy about himself. I told the husband that he will have to offer more food to the little man because for some reason he eats the food that his father fixes whereas when I offer him anything I fix he says no anymore. I hope he will continue to eat food that he used to say no to because he needs all the nutrients as a growing boy.

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