Saturday, May 7, 2011

what to do on mother's day

It is the day before Mother's Day. Normally I get what I want on this special day but things has not been normal (financial-wise) for us lately so I do not know if I will get anything at all. I am not complaining about it but I do remember the good times :) I already have books a couple days ago and I guess that was my gift to myself. I personally do not know what the husband has lined up for me. If I am lucky he will probably tell me to name the store where I want to shop and bring me there so I can enjoy a few hours of alone time in the mall. I like that very much that is why he makes it a point to do it for me which is very sweet of him. He used to give me jewelries on special occasion but since I already got most of the jewelries I want, he does not know what to give me anymore. He could not very well order me a promise ring from because we are way past that. We could order promise rings for the kids but they are too young to know the significance of it. Honestly, if he will get me a mocha frappe I will be happy. I don't ask for a lot, as long as my family is happy.

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