Tuesday, May 3, 2011

photo book

While looking at pictures of the kids, an idea came to me. I thought, since my kids do not have the traditional baby book or baby albums, why not organize their pictures and then order photo books for them? I thought about scrapbooks at first but I am not creative nor do I have the patience to do anything like it so I scratched that idea. A photo book sounds more interesting and, well, easier albeit costly. But what is a few more dollars if the end result is good, right? Besides, it is for my kids so it should not matter. I have told the husband about my idea and he said to think about it some more. Also he told me we need to recover most of the little man's baby pictures from our old desk top that crashed so it may take some time to do it. Still, he did not say no so this is as good as done. Oh I am excited already!

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