Thursday, May 19, 2011

pain medications

The husband and I talked about how and why people get hooked on pain pills. I do not know how anybody likes them because I personally hate them. The times I had to have pain medication I was nauseous and miserable all the time. When I gave birth the second time (c-section) they used strong pain medications on me and I was so miserable that the nurses did not force me to take full doses after surgery, they allowed me to take what I can when I can. It was awful having to feel that much pain but it was better than nausea and vomiting. I doubt anybody wants that. Another reason I did not take much of the pain medication was because I was afraid of getting reliant on it. I have heard of people having to go join a drug detox center program because of that and I don't want to be one of them. I doubt I really will get hooked on it what with the way it made me feel but I have to be cautious. Sad to say, some people are reliant on pain meds and are having a hard time to quit.

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