Wednesday, May 25, 2011

our junk

We went to the storage building to bring in more stuff that we do not need in the house this summer. We have had a room in one of the storage buildings in town since we moved a year ago. The husband complains about the fee but we need the room for a lot of our junk because we cannot put them all in the house. It turns out we were not the only people to go there that day because there was a truck with a good sized hot tub with a hot tub cover that was parked in front of one of the storage rooms. That was a pretty heavy item to lift that we were in and out of the building with the hot tub still in the truck and the owners were standing there looking like they were trying to figure out a way to make it fit in the small door. By the way it looked, they would have to call somebody else to help them transfer the hot tub. We do not have anything as expensive as a hot tub in our storage room, just junk that we do not have the heart to let go yet but we still check every now and then. Maybe one of these days we will have a yard sale so we do not have to haul a lot of stuff whenever we decide to move, because we are going to move according to the husband. Crazy as it may sound, I am looking forward to that happening :)

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