Friday, May 27, 2011

long weekend

It is Memorial Day weekend and I think the husband is planning on a feast tomorrow based on the amount of food we bought from the grocery store earlier today. There is plenty of buns and meat. He even remembered to buy chicken livers for me which made me very grateful. He called one of his sisters and invited her and family over for the weekend. We are still awaiting confirmation on that. His son is here too, I guess for the weekend. I have things to do considering I will play hostess to relatives on top of taking care of the kids but I still find the time to sit in front of my computer to blog. Just goes to show how good I am with multi-tasking. Or how addicted I am with the internet (according to the husband). I don't have much time for anything else after this though because the little girl is starting to get bored from her tummy time. So I cannot very well read about creatine supplement reviews (not that I have to) even if I want to. This mommy here wish you all have a fun weekend wherever and whomever you spend it.

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