Friday, May 20, 2011

is he ready for school?

We bought little boxes for the little man's crayons and pencils at home. His father bought him a lot of perncils (and gave them all to him at once) that they tend to be all over the place which I do not really like much. I want order around me which is so hard to achieve with these two. Anyway, so I decided to buy the little boxes to keep his things in order. He likes them. In fact, when he saw the boxes he said he is ready to go to school. I reminded him about what he said the other day about not wanting to go to school but he said that was before, lol. How can I argue with that? He is not on kindergarten yet, maybe we will send him next year, that time he will be qualified age-wise and perhaps ready to mingle with kids and listen to the teacher. We notice that he has been behaving really good compared to last year. If he keeps on doing this we will not worry about him doing good in school. As it is now, he already knows his ABC (since he was 2 yo actually), can write them in caps and lower case and is now working on polishing them to fit on three lines as is customary for grade school, knows his numbers, shapes, and colors, and is a very good reader. If he gets a good teacher who knows how to handle him we are confident he will excel in school. But we will see how he will do when the time comes for him to go to school. The husband has talked about home schooling him but I personally think he will do better around other people. I just hope I am right and he will have good experience in school when the time comes.

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