Monday, May 23, 2011

interest in numbers

The little man has found out that the calculator is a treasure trove of numbers. He giggled when he figured out that 5 plus 5 is ten. But was not too happy when I told him that 6 plus 4 is ten too, lol. Mommy just has to rain on his parade. He swipes his father's calculator all the time which is a source of argument between them because he does not want to give it back especially when he is using it. He has his own but for some reason daddy's calculator is more appealing. He is still on the addition side of things. We figured out together that if we add 3 and 3 it comes up with six. But when daddy showed him how to subtract numbers he was annoyed. He is still exploring addition, see? Knowing him, he will stay in it for as long as he like before he moves on to other things. It will happen eventually when he will want to know about subtraction and division and multiplication. We decided not to rush him, he will want to learn on his own good time. He has plenty of time to learn :)

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