Sunday, May 8, 2011


We received energy efficient light bulbs from the electric company last year. I put it up on of the drawers in the kitchen and consequently forgot about it. The husband found them yesterday and wondered why we did not use the bulbs when it could have saved us money on electric bill. I did not know how to answer that. So he went ahead and did what he had to do. He replaced the lightbulbs in the living room because we always use it for the little man, then he did the bathroom and he wanted to replace the bulb on my bedside but the new bulb is too long so it did not fit. The busybody, who we kept telling to stay away for his own safety, could not keep it anymore and asked his father what he was doing with the projector bulbs. He was told there were no projector bulbs anywhere and so he pointed the bulbs his father and I were both holding. We told him what we were holding were lightbulbs, not projector bulbs. I do not even know how a projector bulb looks much less have any use for it. Sometimes the little man does come up with words that are not common. We wonder if he read them online or it is all in his head to start with. We are glad he is learning though and we could not wait for the words that will come out of his mouth because they not only make us happy he is learning, he comes up with funny lines as well. That is our inquisitive (busybody, really) boy.

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