Tuesday, May 17, 2011

chocolate cupcakes

The little man has been bugging me to bake him a pie. It is not actually a pie but a cake but since I use the round cake pan he thought it was pie. I have corrected him but he insists it is a pie so be it. I bought two boxes of cake mixes yesterday and I promised him we will bake one today which we did. We agreed to make cupcakes for a change. I let him help me with the preparations and he was so happy with the result. He wanted to put the icing on top of each cupcake, which he did, and was busy licking the chocolate while alternately rubbing the top of the cupcakes. His father laughed when he saw what was going on. He even ate several cupcakes but he ate mostly the top, the bottom he would never touch for some reason. Perhaps it was the paper cups. I had one cupcake and I think it was good. I did eat mine without icing because I don't like my cake too sweet. The husband, who was reading about rv repair, ate one that was given by the little man. We still have several cupcakes left that the little man has not sink his teeth into. I may have to save a few before he decides to bite off the top and just leave them lying on the table.

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