Sunday, April 24, 2011

setting an example

While I am typing this post, the little man is beside me itching to get on my computer. I told him it is not time yet, that he has to wait for 6pm to get on the computer. He is not very happy with that but he cannot do much about it. He is messing with the keys though but I am not going to give. He has to learn to wait and be patient. It is a test for both of us but we need to set rules and stick with them. He is reading what I am typing too and I somehow wonder if he understands because he is laughing while trying to type in his 5 cents worth on this post. He said he is not touching the letters on the keyboard, he is just staring at them. Probably willing them to do their own thing, lol. Anyway, I have to go since I need to check BCBSNC for a friend. I was asked to do some research so I can put in my opinion on the subject. We will see what I will come up. I have to make it quick because I have to set an example for the little man. I cannot tell him to stay away from the computer if I am in it all the time, can I?

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