Thursday, April 14, 2011

i want to go to another house

It is hard to impose rules and discipline to a smart four years old. He almost always knows what to say to counter what I tell him. And instead of making me angry, he makes me laugh with his come backs. The other night, I turned off the computer on the little man because he had been in it two hours. As usual he was not happy. He whined and told me he wanted his computer back. Now, it is not his computer. It is mine. He tore up his computer two weeks ago after we replaced the hard drive on it. The old laptop is now retired for good. So I let him borrow my spare (I have two) computer for an hour to two hours to play his games then I turn it off after several reminders. Well, he knows it is useless to fight me. I do not give unlike his father. He stopped whining and played his toys. I then went to the kitchen to fix something to eat. A few minutes later he followed, looked at me and said the words"Mommy, I want to go to another home." real calm. I could not help it, I laughed. Not a very good reaction, I know. When I calmed down I talked to him and explained to him how things work. His father who was also on the kitchen with us laughed like a fool. So much for being responsible (and dignified) parents. I hope he will not say the words again. As much as he annoys me for being ornery at times, he is my kid and I love him to death. I just don't want him to be too spoiled that is why we impose rules on him.

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