Friday, April 1, 2011

i can't swim!

The little man and his brother went to the pool for a swim. It had been two years since he last got in a pool so we decided to make him get in it since there is one available in the motel we are staying. He was excited but he was also afraid. His brother was supposed to teach him to swim but he yelled "I can't swim!" which made us laugh. He was so cute and he sounded like me when his father tries to drown me in a body of water, lol. I don't know how to swim either. Never learned, to think I grew up in an island. Anyway, the little man hang on to his brother the whole time they were in the water. He probably tore up his brother's shirt, that was how tight he was clinging to him. It is hard to see him afraid of the water considering he used to be not afraid of the water. I remember being worried and annoyed because when we brought him to the beach he would run straight to the big waves and if he fell because of the current he would just laugh. I doubt he will do that again should we bring him to the beach for a swim. I should be happy that he is afraid of the water because it means he is not likely to jump in a pool while we are not looking. But I am sad because I really like him to learn how to swim. I am torn. Sigh! The husband said we will make the little man learn how to swim. Maybe he will eventually learn if we let him get in the water and play instead of pressuring him to learn. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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