Thursday, March 24, 2011

rise and shine

We are up early this morning. The little man was up at six, followed by his sister who was also up just a few minutes after that. They woke up happy and talking, smiling like goofs. I don't know why I have early risers when I am not. Must have gotten this trait from their father. I wanted so much to go back to bed. I still do. But with a four year old and an infant awake, it is not safe to go back to sleep. I had to fix a cup of coffee to keep me up and running. The little girl is back asleep after being up for hours while the little man is here whining because he wants to get in the computer and I will not let him. He probably thinks it is not fair that I am online while he isn't but I needed to get online to check my accounts and was supposed to get off but I got lost searching online and ended up reading hgh reviews while waiting for the little man to settle down. I might just give him his computer to play for a couple hours so he will be done with it for the day early. If I get him to settle down I probably will go back to bed. Wish me luck.

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