Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a little help

I just had an argument with my parents the other day. I sent them money because they needed it to finish the renovation of their house. It was not a big amount and the money was supposed to have covered all the expenses (materials and labor) plus extra for them. Well, I was told it was barely enough. That when they computed everything the money almost came up short. I asked why when I remember that I specifically asked how much everything will cost, even asked down to the last detail. Apparently there was a huge mis-communication which did not make me happy. Upon further talk, I got pacified and promised them I will send more when I have extra money. Before we hang up, we talked about their plan of installing a water pump for their house. They have looked at commercial pumps and they think they have found the one they need. I did not ask how much it was. I was afraid to, lol. At least they are doing their homework. Maybe they can afford to have an electric pump installed in the future without us having to help. Perhaps my brother will give it to them like he promised. I hope they will not think about something the house will need before their other projects are finished. Parents! Sometimes it is hard to keep up with them.

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