Sunday, March 27, 2011

i want to go home!

We have to go on a trip. It is part vacation but mostly important business that concerns the husband. We just tagged along because he is not comfortable leaving us at home or at his sister's house. So we are miles away from home right now. I am trying to adjust to this trip because I have two kids to take care of. The little girl is a trooper and has not been very fussy so far. The little man although happy about being with us, just wants to go back home. He told us several times he wants to go home. He ordered his father to turn the vehicle around while we were traveling the interstate. I promised him we will go home as soon as daddy finishes his business. Thankfully, he is happy with that promise so he stopped whining. He has been doing good since. He gets restless sometimes especially since everything is new to him but I think it is normal for kids his age to act this way. I will try to make him comfortable so he will be happy. Happy kids equates happy mom :)

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