Sunday, March 13, 2011

he needs help

I am currently listening to the little man whine for not winning his game. It is frustrating to hear him but I have to endure. I try to help him win his game but he chose one that is hard to do even for an adult like me. He even had to teach me how to use the keys which never fails to surprise me knowing he did his own research to learn how to do that. He is pretty good with a computer now that I will not be surprised if he will be interested in an it degree in the future. Either that or be a gamer which I personally think is not a good idea. I would rather he sticks to it degree, not that I need to worry about it yet. Anyway, we got passed the level he had a hard time winning and he is good again, playing the rest of the game. We will have to wrap it up before long because we are almost finished with our two-hour limit for being online. I just hope he will be nice about it.

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