Thursday, March 24, 2011


The little man's computer stopped working a few days ago. I searched online to know what was going on and found out it was the hard drive that was the problem. So we went to the store to get a new hard drive and the husband put it in the old laptop. We loaded it last night with everything it needs so the little man can use it again. I made sure the computer had the things the little man was familiar with so he will not have a hard time navigating through the web. We told him what we did and let him start his computer. When it started working he was so happy that he read every word that was highlighted on the main page, enumerated even words from an ad like black and milds that I had to check and make sure it was not something forbidden, lol. We let him play his game for a couple hours and never more. He wanted to play some more but rules are rules so he had to stop even if he was not happy about it. At least he now knows that his computer is working and he can have it a couple hours every day. We are happy too that we do not have to buy a new computer for him to use. We planned on doing that but since his computer is working good for now we will wait until a good deal comes along.

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