Monday, March 7, 2011


A long time ago, I prayed hard that the little man will start talking. He was late in that department so I got worried especially with all this talk about autism. It makes a mother doubt her child and worry about his development. When he started talking I was glad. Finally, he can talk and tell me what he wants and why he is upset. He can even tell me in words he is hungry instead of crying for food. Well and good, right? Wrong! Now that he talks a lot, I want him to shut up. No, he does not talk constantly like most kids do because he only talks when he needs help or wants something but boy does he talk back when I get on him for acting up. He does not only talk back, he yells at me or his father. It is bad. I feel bad when I get angry at him but I cannot keep calm when he starts to talk back. And when he is upset over a game or a toy, he whines so much. I thought it is not normal but my cousin said her daughter is like that too, she whines when something does not happen the way she wants it. When I told her about all the other things my son does she said her daughter does the exact same thing, the only difference is that she is a girl so she mellows down quicker. I guess the husband is right when he tells me that that particular trait of his son was from my side of the family, lol. I wish the little man will do a lot better as he grows older though. The husband said it will probably get worse during his teenage years but I am not going to think about that yet. I want to deal with today. I want my sweet boy back.

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