Sunday, February 27, 2011

a very nice birthday gift

The husband gave me a gift on my birthday. That was before we got married and I was still in Manila waiting for my immigration papers to be approved. He sent me a necklace, a white gold chain with my birthstone in diamond setting as the pendant. It was very pretty and I loved it. I kept the necklace and I still have it seven years later. I rarely wear it though because the chain is a bit thinner while the pendant is big and I am afraid I will lost it. I will need a thicker chain to go with the pendant but I have not really gotten around to looking for one. I keep it in a safe place and gets it out every once in a while to look at it and remember the years we have had. It has been a long time but it still feels like it happened yesterday. Until I remember we both are older and we have two kids as proof of the years we are together. Now back to the real world, lol.

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