Friday, February 18, 2011

storing food

Since the little man was born, I have been eating leftover foods most days. I have mastered cooking in huge batches so I can put them in the fridge to get out and heat up when I am hungry. It just seems easier that way for me. Less work and more time to deal with my little boy. Now that I have two kids I am still doing the same thing, actually have more reason to do it since my hands are full all the time. I never have to buy food storage boxes anymore because I have plenty of those at home. The husband calls them plastic container. They come in handy especially when storing leftover food for future use. The only problem I get is that the husband does not look at what is in the boxes and keeps on asking for more food. When I remind him he still has leftovers in the fridge he tells me he does not know it is there and he refuses to eat anything that is over two days old. I end up throwing his food away which defeats the purpose of storing but he is kinda picky. I may have to either start putting labels on the boxes or maybe make a list of what is inside the fridge and post it in the door to serve as reminder. It might just work.

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